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An introduction firm.

KINVESTI specializes in making introductions to privately sourced opportunities in France and throughout Europe. Private market deals are often elusive and unknown to hungry investors. At the same time, exciting deals seeking investors can’t always find the right ones. Seeking to align interests and goals, KINVESTI brings people together, those who would likely not otherwise meet, giving them the opportunity to explore and evaluate deals together.

As a result of KINVESTI's strong network and knowledge of local market opportunities, interested parties see unique opportunities for business and/or personal portfolios. Opportunities in real estate include logistics, warehouses, residential, alternative accommodations, co-working, offices, hotels, commerce, self-storage, as well as wine estates, forests, chateaux, and apartments, both luxury and those requiring renovation.

Our team and partners look forward to introducing you to new European opportunities.

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Maintaining confidentiality in our client relationships is of utmost importance.


Meeting Your Needs



Generate deal flow to augment your in-house origination team.

Provide unique access to private market deals that align with your interests.



Introduce investors to opportunities for which they may not otherwise have access.

Present opportunities located in and around Paris and throughout France with select deals around Europe.



Assist clients with business development and the marketing of their opportunities.


142, rue de Rivoli
75001 PARIS


+33 (0)1 42 38 45 88